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  • Ace Canada

    Home - Improvement / Renovation / Restoration

    We supply business entrepreneurs the opportunity to help us to build our brand in the Retail Hardware & Building Materials with adding Country & Garden program sectors across Canada. We are part of one of the largest companies in Canada in this indus (...Read more)

  • Bangkok Buri Franchising Inc.

    Food - Quick Service Restaurants

    The word “Buri” means “City” and Bangkok Buri was inspired by the very streets of Bangkok City in Thailand, one of the world’s best cities for food. Bangkok is known for serving an amazing range of street food out of open fronted shop houses. Piping (...Read more)

  • Budget Roof Cleaning

    Commercial / Residential Services

    If your roof has dark stains and streaks, moss or other foreign growth, if neglected, your roof is at risk for premature deterioration. To prolong the life of your roof and to avoid a more costly repair, Budget Roof Cleaning provides cost-effective r (...Read more)

  • Cabneato

    Home - Improvement / Renovation / Restoration

    Cabneato was founded by Dave Spires and Devin Pearson. Formerly known as Kitchen Painters, the two founders met through the course of their aligned businesses as a craftsman cabinet maker and custom high-end home painter. Their shared, passionate vis (...Read more)

  • Canndara


    In the new era of legalization in Canada, The Canndara Advantage is the best opportunity created to become a cannabis retailer in a multi-billion dollar industry. Our turn-key model will redefine recreational cannabis one gram at a time. Years of exp (...Read more)

  • CleanQuip

    Dry Cleaning / Clothing Care

    In 2015 Paul Noad founded CleanQuip, a fast growing franchise dedicated to sanitizing athletic equipment with portable technology without the use of chemicals or harsh cleaners. This flexible and sustainable business model provides franchises with lo (...Read more)

  • Concrete Genius™

    Home - Improvement / Renovation / Restoration

    The multi-billion dollar concrete production industry is one of the hardest to crack into. Fortunately, you don't have to go in alone and compete against the huge multi-nationals. Because after developing a new and different way to produce concrete a (...Read more)

  • Element Fresh

    Food - Restaurants / Dining Rooms

    China’s premier casual-dining brand! With a vast menu offering exquisite options including health-fueled and flavor-filled dishes infused with many superfoods. Initially famous for our wholesome, gourmet salads and fresh, the western-style menu has b (...Read more)

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