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Free Franchise Resource Articles

FranchiseCanada magazine has been Canada’s most trusted franchise resource since 2000. Over that time, its pages have profiled some of the most exciting franchise opportunities from Canada and around the world, provided useful franchise tips and best practices, featured dozens of successful franchisees, and offered insight and advice from top industry experts.

Below are a selection of some these articles from our award-winning content. Check this page often as we will be adding content regularly.


YOUR FRANCHISE TO DO LIST: 10 Things to Check Off Before You Sign
Investing in a franchise is a major decision. To help prepare your venture in a franchised business is as successful as possible, it’s important to ensure you’re conducting thorough due diligence. (Read more…)


YOUR GUIDE TO FRANCHISING: A step-by-step guide to the franchise investment process
Taking the first steps into the franchise world is like teetering on the edge of a diving board. You want to jump, but fear grips you as you peer down at the long plunge into the dark water. How can you dive in and stay afloat in the ever-changing sea of franchise operations? Grab this step-by-step guide to the franchise investment process, take a deep breath, and jump! (Read more…)


INVESTIGATE & EVALUATE: Knowledge is the best strategy for picking a successful franchise
Franchising is usually a safer investment than opening a similar independent business if the franchise is part of a solid franchise concept. Successful franchise systems have a proven brand, concept and history of success, as well as ongoing support and training. Nonetheless, it is essential to practice due diligence when considering a franchise to ensure the franchise concept and system are solid. (Read more…)


LEGAL DIRECTION: Getting into franchising? Make sure a franchise lawyer is part of your team
If you’re like most people, you wouldn’t hesitate to hire a lawyer to decipher the details of the mortgage agreement when you buy a house – so why would you take chances with understanding the equally serious obligations you take on as a franchisee? (Read more…)


With the continued success of franchising, no wonder so many people are considering it as a way to be in business for themselves but with the support of the franchise system. Franchising is often compared to a marriage; here are some rules to help you find your ideal franchise relationship! (Read more…)





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