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Batteries Expert™

Looking for a Battery?

Franchise Fee: $35K + 2% Roy Fee + 3% Adv. Fee + 1% Dev Fee

Investment Required: $80K-$200K

Available Territories: All of Canada

Training : Complete training & support by the Experts

Franchise Units Canada: 64

Corporate Units Canada: 1

In Business Since : 1964

Franchising Since: 1996

CFA Member Since: 2007

With over 65 franchises and 50 years of success, Batteries Expert is the undisputed leader in the retailing of energy products. We boast the most comprehensive product line of traditional and environmentally-sound battery solutions for your home and any size equipment, appliance or vehicle.
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Who are we?
Batteries Expert is a family based operation that started 50 years ago creating a network of experts across Quebec and recently expanding into Ontario. During those 50 years, we have evolved from a home based business in the family garage to a franchise with 64 distribution locations across the province of Quebec and 4 locations in Ontario. We are now a full-fledged franchise with the reputation for being ready to do what is necessary in order to ensure the longevity of our success.

What is a Batteries Expert Franchise?
Our franchisees are positioned in the market to be « THE » location for all battery types, from the hearing aid battery to the lawn tractor battery, passing through car batteries, AGM, button cells and more. Our current expertise goes even as far as offering the opportunity to rebuild certain batteries that are not readily available as replacements in the market place.
As our market goes green, we are also the reference in off-grid alternative energy needs, from the solar panels, regulators and chargers to 12 volts water pumps, 12 volts refrigerators, propane instant water heaters and everything else in between.

Our team, your support
Through constant effort and adaptability, we have created innovative communication channels to stay close to our franchisees and the consumer. We keep in mind the difference between the various types of customers in the constantly evolving market. Either through internet, print ads or everything else in between there is a dedicated team willing and able to make the most of the local market chosen as the location of a franchise. Batteries Expert understands the need for professionals in marketing, merchandising, training, technical support and customer service in order to offer our franchisees the support they need to stay ahead of the market. Our innovative and motivated team is constantly improving our market positioning with the help of our franchises to ensure the next 50 years are even better than the first 50.

Caution: Entrepreneurs wanted!
Most franchises don’t look for entrepreneurs. They look for people willing to fit into a « mold ». We, on the other hand, thrive with innovative entrepreneurial type individuals among our team.

We need entrepreneurs that desire success within an organization as part of a team. As the « coach » of the team, we are willing to provide any needed assistance and support through the phases of growth that you will live through. From opening your store to reaching a degree of autonomy, to the desire and readiness for a second, or, as we are currently seeing in our network, even a third location, we need driven individuals looking to succeed!