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Franchise Fee: $50K

Startup Capital Required: $100K

Investment Required: $450K-$650K (Full project finished)

Available Territories: All of Canada, United States, International

Training : 2-4 months

Franchise Units Canada: 20

Corporate Units Canada: 1

In Business Since : 2011

Franchising Since: 2014

CFA Member Since: 2015

CACAO 70 is a casual restaurant that provides customers with high quality chocolate products and meal items that are either served alongside or made with chocolate. We take pride in the fact that our products and approach to chocolate are not currently replicated in the market. Unlike our competitors, who define themselves as dessert boutiques, CACAO 70 has taken chocolate and incorporated it into its menu, making it a unique, first-to-market chocolate-inspired restaurant.

CACAO 70 large banner

The idea of CACAO 70 came up in 2009. Great vision and hard work led to the first store opening in 2011, in downtown Montreal. Sixteen more were opened in a period of 5 years. Soon afterwards, a major “Bean to Bar” chocolate manufacturing plant was opened, signifying the growth of a very ambitious and forward-thinking company. CACAO 70 has become one of the most recognizable and respectable franchising brand in Canada, and is now getting serious interest from the United States and all over the world.

• CACAO 70 Eatery: Welcome to brunch, lunch, and sweets. A CACAO 70 Eatery offers fresh takes on diner favourites with chocolate as the star ingredient.
• CACAO 70 Sweet House: Welcome to the sweetest time of the day. A CACAO 70 Sweet House serves chocolate drinks, desserts and all-day brunch items to savour on site or enjoy on the go.
• CACAO 70 Dippery: Welcome to ice cream with more than a cherry on top. A CACAO 70 Dippery raises our cones to everyone's favourite treat and glams it up with delicious artisanal dips.

• Retail
• Shopping malls
• Universities
• Tourist retail
• The younger generational consumers, of which over 70% are females between ages of 18-35

• Firstly, allow management to keep up with the increasing demand for each of their retail locations more quickly and efficiently and most importantly with a higher quality.
• Secondly, streamline operation to make CACAO 70’s desired expansion inside and outside Canada more realistic and cost-effective.
• Thirdly, accelerate CACAO 70 Brand Awareness
• Management is now focusing its efforts on identifying new locations all over Canada and Internationally; negotiations are now in progress in different regions in the world.
• The uniqueness and attention to detail required of CACAO 70’s main ingredient, pure chocolate, has management focused on fully verticalizing, integrating and streamlining their operations. As a result, CACAO 70 has opened a new 3 million dollars roasting, production and distribution facility, which would serve all existing CACAO 70 locations.

• Increase production to 200 metric ton chocolate factory in Montreal
• Focusing efforts on quality control and product development
• Develop a franchise program Internationally
• Identifying locations and opening a minimum of one new franchise across Canada every single month for the next five (5) years
• Add new products such as chocolate bars, fondues and gift baskets, therefore making Cacao 70 even more of a household name in chocolate treats and meals.
• Grow and strengthen the corporate structure of CACAO 70

• Passion and understanding of the CACAO 70 brand and culture
• Motivation from the owner
• Proven track record in the food and beverage industry as owners/operator
• Well capitalized and the ability to fund one or multi-units
• Very strong people skills
• Proven managerial skills
• Tourist retail

• Cacao 70 brand name usage and concepts
• Full set of operations manuals (The manual is the platform for training)
• Opening support
• Technics and standard of operations training
• Marketing and communication
• Finance and reporting

• Included in the fees except for travelling and your employees’ expenses (we train the master licence, the restaurant general manager and the kitchen manager of the first store)
• 2 weeks in Montreal
• Product know how
• CACAO 70 restaurant management system and practices Operation (kitchen, service, management, finance)
• 4 weeks at the first location (pre-opening and opening)

• We provide advise on layout and design of the outlet
• We provide the architecture book and graphic chart which encompasses all the directives for interior design, hardware, etc.
• Full equipment list (most of it can be source locally) except CACAO 70 specific
• Equipment requirement

SUPPLY CHAIN: CACAO 70 products will be available for purchase via the franchisor

• Cacao 70 support team will always provide you its support if needed (best practices, advices, etc.).
• The team will visit your territory regularly for Field audits and business plan revision Marketing and promotional tools are provided for you to be responsible for your local store marketing.
• On going audit (via Franchise blast platform) are conduct by you and discussed with Cacao 70 team.
CACAO 70 offers the franchisee the opportunity to a fast-growing business, through careful and strategic planning. Select your concept store: Eatery, Sweet House or Dippery- and we will do the work for you. Location, training, marketing, partnerships and funding programs. We are with you every step of the way.

Director of Franchising, Joys Mesiskli:
514.523.9000 or C: 438.928.0885
email: or