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Williams Fresh Cafe

Franchise Fee: $30K

Investment Required: $180K-$675K

Available Territories: All of Canada

Training : Prior to opening, re-enforcement online and with field support teams

Franchise Units Canada: 22

Corporate Units Canada: 2

In Business Since : 1993

Franchising Since: 1994

CFA Member Since: 1999

Canada's leading fast casual cafe serving fresh food in a vibrant, inviting atmosphere. Williams is a meeting place with signature coffees and premium espresso based hot and cold beverages, an extensive dessert bar and food menu with sandwiches, salads, rice bowls and other hot foods. We offer free Wi-Fi, charging stations, drive thru service and catering.
Williams Fresh Cafe large banner

A Coffee House Market Leader

Williams Fresh Cafe, Canada's leading fast casual cafe franchise since 1993, was recently ranked as the number one regional coffee house brand. Serving fresh-to-order artisan sandwiches and rice boxes, signature coffees and all day breakfasts in a vibrant and inviting atmosphere, we’re bringing this customer-favourite to more neighbourhoods across Ontario.

To maintain our leadership position, aggressive expansion plans are in place where we can fill a gap in the marketplace between quick service restaurants and other fast casuals. Williams satisfies customer needs where and when other competitors don’t. From early risers needing their espresso shots and freshly baked pastries to the business lunch crowd seeking fresh meals without sacrificing speed of service, to late-night dinner groups, Williams covers all day parts.

The strength of the brand was recently enhanced when the Druxerman brothers, the owners of DRUXY’S Famous Deli, bought Williams Fresh Cafe. This means that we have greater buying power and more selection of prime locations. While the restaurants will continue to operate as separate brands, we will continually evaluate how to share each menu’s strength and design aspects with the other.

Invest in a Growth Industry

Williams operates in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSRs) industry which grew 5.5% in revenue from 2014 to 2015 and generated over $11 billion in sales. This trend continues into 2016 as QSRs increased retail receipts by 8% in the first quarter compared to the same period prior.

Much of this growth is driven by fast casuals which average a larger cheque size than traditional fast food restaurants, captured 6% of all QSR visits in Canada and saw a 14% increase in sales.

In terms of coffee, it is the dominant beverage for adult Canadians, second only to tap water, with two-thirds of the population drinking coffee in the past-day and three-quarters in the past week. Coffee drinkers consume on average 3.2 cups of coffee per day according to the Coffee Association of Canada.

Why Williams Fresh Cafe is a Better Fast Casual Restaurant Choice

While the fast casual concept is relatively new in Canada and one of the fastest growing areas in the restaurant industry, there are few Canadian brands that can claim to understand the sector from their own experiences. Williams Fresh Cafe is one of them, entering the fast casual segment in 1993. The original founders envisioned a concept that provided fast service and offered tasty, high quality products enjoyed in a relaxed affordable atmosphere – a combination that made it unique in the industry and is still a part of our success today.

Williams Fresh Cafes are typically found in suburban locations where destination anchor tenants, such as supermarkets, draw significant traffic. We are also successful in winning contracts at universities and colleges and will be investigating other institutional opportunities such as hospitals and tourist attractions.

With typical footprints around 3,000 square feet and less equipment needs due to not requiring a grill, fryer exhaust or special fire equipment, the capital costs are relatively lower than other fast casual restaurants.

Unparalleled Support and Training

Support from head office comes from genuine experience as we owned and operated fifty DRUXY’S delis for 15 years prior to moving into franchising. We have instore training for when you first open and then online programs for continuing education programs, including the following:
  • Online training portal. All staff have online access to a consistent training program. Using dynamic gaming technology to keep everyone engaged, learners move levels once they pass the goals of the current level. Topics include business management, health and safety, and employee orientation.
  • Support tools from a database library. Resources include manuals, a catering management system and sales contests.
  • Customer experience audits. Head office organizes secret shoppers to visit stores and then sits with the owners to review opportunities to improve.
  • Health and safety audits. A team of trained inspectors reviews each store, ensuring the highest standards of health and safety.

Prior to an owner opening a cafe, the head office team will assist with the following:
  • Site selection
  • Build-out specifications
  • Equipment purchase
  • Thorough and complete initial on-line and hands-on training
  • Supplier and product specifications
  • Product marketing strategies
  • Setting up performance tracking and report generation

Hear What Williams Fresh Cafe Owners Have to Say

“Williams has a strong coffee house heritage and that comes through in its staying power. While others have added coffee programs to their menus, our customers keep on coming back to enjoy the bold taste of our premium coffee and fresh and wholesome meals”.
Brennan Berlemont, 1245 Highbury Avenue North, London

“When we heard that DRUXY’S bought Williams we weren’t sure what that was going to mean. Now we know that means dedicated support, better supply management and an experienced team of professionals on the lookout for how to constantly improve”.
Shawn Collee, 4025 Dorchester Road, Niagara Falls

“It’s easy to feel good about owning a Williams. You really are a part of the neighbourhood, getting to know the regulars and becoming their go-to place for great meals in a relaxed setting”.
Cassian Joseph, 2454 Queen Street East, Brampton

One Click Away to Look at Two Great Franchise Choices

Make your franchise search easier by investigating two options at once. Information on both Williams Fresh Cafe and DRUXY’S can be found by emailing us at franchising@druxys.com.