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DRUXY'S Famous Deli

Franchise Fee: $30K

Startup Capital Required: $150K

Investment Required: $175K-$225K

Available Territories: All of Canada

Training : Prior to opening, re-enforcement online and with field support teams

Franchise Units Canada: 38

Corporate Units Canada: 1

In Business Since : 1976

Franchising Since: 1991

CFA Member Since: 2008

DRUXY’S is a chain of traditional Jewish delis that specializes in preparing deli sandwiches from fresh briskets of beef sliced steaming hot to order. It is this differentiation that permeates our operation from the quality of our deli meats and personalized service to our locations. We locate where consumers are looking for quality food alternatives served quickly. We are in the midst of a major expansion from our base of office and hospital locations to include street front suburbia.

DRUXY'S Famous Deli large banner

A History of Success

DRUXY’S Famous Deli, one of Canada’s longest running deli franchises, has been delivering an authentic deli experience since 1976 by slicing steaming hot deli meats for custom-made sandwiches. Led by the Druxerman brothers, who took inspiration for the deli from their own family dinners, DRUXY’S is the place for meal classics you can feel good about because of the premium ingredients and unlimited healthy toppings for sandwiches and salads. With 44 delis focused in downtown GTA we are now looking to expand beyond the Toronto market.

Invest in a Growth Industry

DRUXY’S operates in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSRs) industry which grew 5.5% in revenue from 2014 to 2015 and generated over $11 billion in sales. This trend continues into 2016 as QSRs increased retail receipts by 8% in the first quarter compared to the same period prior.

In terms of activities, going out to a restaurant is the preferred activity with family and friends and according to Visa, 60% of Canadians eat lunch out once a week or more. Ontarians lead in frequency with 20% buying lunches three or more times a week. With chain and franchise restaurants in Ontario capturing 66% of the share, it’s clear that consumers prefer a trusted and recognizable brand.

Why DRUXY’S is a Better Quick Service Restaurant Choice

DRUXY’S targets high traffic areas such as urban centres, mall food courts, hospitals and office buildings where the wonderful deli aroma can entice people that walk by. These locations are ideal for deli owners looking for a more balanced lifestyle as working hours match regular mealtimes, covering the three dayparts, and often are closed on evenings and weekends.

With footprints ranging from 500 to 1,800 square feet and less equipment needs due to not requiring a grill, fryer exhaust or special fire equipment, the capital costs are relatively lower than other quick service restaurants. A DRUXY’S deli can be opened with a total investment as small as $275,000.

The strength of the DRUXY’S brand was recently enhanced when the Druxerman brothers bought Williams Fresh Cafe. This means that we have greater buying power and more selection of prime locations. While the restaurants will continue to operate as separate brands, we will continually evaluate how to share each menu’s strength and design aspects with the other.

Unparalleled Support and Training

Support from head office comes from genuine experience as we owned and operated fifty DRUXY’S delis for 15 years prior to moving into franchising. We have instore training for when you first open and then online programs for continuing education programs, including the following:
  • Training via DRUXY’S University. All staff have online access to a consistent training program. Using dynamic gaming technology to keep everyone engaged, learners move levels once they pass the goals of the current level. Topics include business management, health and safety, and employee orientation.
  • Support tools from a database library. Resources include manuals, a catering management system and sales contests.
  • Customer experience audits. Head office organizes secret shoppers to visit stores and then sits with the owners to review opportunities to improve.
  • Health and safety audits. A team of trained inspectors reviews each store, ensuring the highest standards of health and safety.

Prior to an owner opening a deli, the head office team will assist with the following:
  • Site selection
  • Build-out specifications
  • Equipment purchase
  • Thorough and complete initial on-line and hands-on training
  • Supplier and product specifications
  • Product marketing strategies
  • Setting up performance tracking and report generation

We are rewarded for this kind of support and deep understanding by our deli owners who have ranked us for four years in a row as a “Franchisee Choice” in the annual Canadian Franchise Association survey.

Hear What DRUXY’S Owners Have to Say

“I looked at a few different food franchise options before choosing DRUXY’S. The combination of investment requirements, training and support, and time commitment convinced me that DRUXY’S was the right choice. Many years later, I’m still convinced”.
Bashir Dhalwani, 5580 Explorer Drive, Mississauga

“I’ve been a DRUXY’S deli owner for over 15 years. One thing that has always impressed me is the partnership not only the Druxerman brothers but also with other DRUXY’S owners”.
Ezio Melaragno, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto

“We take pride in delivering a special deli sandwich that you can’t find in average sandwich shops. Our difference is in how we prepare the meats – pickled and spiced, sliced steaming hot in front of the customer for each sandwich. I always enjoy watching them take their first bites and seeing the reactions.”
Arash Bahrami, 29 Queen Street East, Toronto

One Click Away to Look at Two Great Franchise Choices

Make your franchise search easier by investigating two options at once. Information on both DRUXY’S and Williams Fresh Cafe can be found by emailing us at franchising@druxys.com.