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Click here and Request More Information is an online equipment rental franchise opportunity. Invest in real assets.

Franchise Fee: $25,000

Investment Required: $125,000-$175,000

Available Territories: All of Canada

Training : 2 Weeks At Head Office In Calgary

Corporate Units Canada: 1

In Business Since : 2014

CFA Member Since: 2016

We are offering an online equipment rental franchise. We offer construction equipment for rent via our website large banner
This is the opportunity you've been waiting for!

Starting a company can be an overwhelming process, but as a franchise operator, everything you need to succeed is right at your fingertips. When you choose to work with, you are taking advantage of an amazing opportunity to revolutionize the equipment rental industry forever.

• Be your own boss
• Invest in real assets
• Take control of your financial future
• Seize a unique franchise opportunity

Who Are
? is Canada's premier resource for fast, easy and reliable rental equipment. We started with the mission to revolutionize the industry, and that's exactly what we've done.

People thought we were crazy when we said we wanted to do things a little differently, but our customers certainly don't think so. Instead, they rave about how someone has finally made renting equipment simple again.

Our Vision has set out to revolutionize, modernize, and fully transform the equipment rental industry into a fast, economical, customer-focused business.

Our Mission's mission is to provide a convenient, easy, fast, and budget friendly solution to our customer's equipment rental needs.

How We Started
Chris Clark was a long time contractor who found himself continually frustrated with the rental business. He was tired of jumping through the hoops, the high costs, and the slow processes, so he decided it was time to do something about it.

So, Chris founded His vision was simple: an easy online ordering solution that can save every contractor time and money while eliminating the stress and complexity of the traditional rental process. As soon as he got his business off the ground, he realized what he had stumbled upon: a new venture that truly made people happy. Not only were his customers impressed with his new way of doing business, they wanted to become a part of it! And that's how the franchise program started.

Who We Are is a provider of high quality, well maintained construction equipment to the rental market. We are the only web-based equipment rental company in Canada dedicated to offering better, faster, and cheaper solutions. Most of our customers are small to medium sized contractors that rent equipment on a regular basis, but we also serve the residential market for those seeking assistance with DIY projects. We offer our customers the ability to book and pay for their rentals online through our proprietary website, significantly reducing overhead costs and streamlining the business process for our Franchisees.
Together with our franchise owners, we are poised to make renting equipment easy and affordable, from coast to coast. With many desirable territories available, it's the perfect time to take your first steps forward with

Serious Support for Our Franchisees

Our mission is to spread what we do, and that means great support for our franchises. Without the things that make our company unique, we wouldn't be able to continue to do what we do.

Powerful Online Tools
As a web-based business, what we can do online is precisely what sets up apart from the rest. As such, has spent considerable time and resources developing a proprietary website that allows our customers to complete their entire rental transaction in a matter of minutes. This allows us to maximize the user experience while also allowing our Franchisees to substantially reduce the need for administrative or counter staff that would typically be used in a traditional rental store.

We also offer live availability calendars for all of our equipment, giving contractors the freedom to plan their equipment needs around our availability. This also means we can get very high utilization rates out of our equipment because we often have rentals booked back to back. We have also spent considerable time perfecting a modern and intuitive design to make sure when customers arrive on our site they stay on our site, which leads better web conversion rates for all of our franchise partners.

With the tools at our disposal, you'll always be ready to tackle whatever the rental climate in your market has to offer!

Industry Exclusive Features
Standing out is a big part of our success, and we are proud to offer our exclusive opportunities to our Franchisees in order to build the name.

In an effort to define ourselves as trendsetters, we have introduced some of the most exciting new features that the rental industry has ever seen. Free delivery on all rentals and easy online 24/7 booking helps us stand out from the crowd, making us the best choice for our customers.

A Business System Designed for Growth offers one thing our competitors don't: a system designed to grow with you. Boasting some amazing benefits that can help you get off the ground and stay off the ground, we're here to support you in a way no one else can.

Real Assets
With, your assets are real and tangible; most of your initial investment is spent on your fleet of equipment. This equipment belongs to you and you can sell it at anytime.

Repeat Customers
Generally, heavy equipment appeals to a unique demographic. This demographic generally needs lots of rental options on a regular basis. From the moment you open your doors, your customers will love your user experience and your upgraded services.

No Receivables
With a franchise with, there are no receivables to worry about. Your customers will pay online, and then you will deliver the equipment: it's that easy. You'll get paid before you ever deliver any equipment with no hassle or collections process.

In-Demand Service
Convenient, safe, and affordable equipment is a highly in demand service. With our unique features, like online booking, free delivery, and availability calendars to keep equipment rented out back to back, we're always number one for a reason.

Great Territories
Our available territories are amazing, putting you and your new business right in the middle of a booming economy. In such great areas, growth is virtually guaranteed.

Truly Scalable
Your business can truly be your own with Whether you want one territory or multiple, a few pieces of equipment or a full fleet, it's up to you. You can keep your operation as small or as large as you'd like.

Independent Control
Our system lets you take control of your success, no matter what you have in mind. franchise system is completely unique, proprietary, scalable, and is not being offered anywhere else.

Why Start an Equipment Rental Franchise?
If you've made it this far, you know there are certain perks that come with the rental business. Low maintenance and easy to manage, this unique industry has a lot of potential for investors across Canada. With a majority of contractors renting on a regular basis, there is plenty of space to grow your market, establish your brand, and boost your revenue.

Equipment rental allows you to invest your money into real assets, or your own fleet of rental equipment. Unlike other industries, in which most of your investment goes into leasehold improvements, your investment with us will go towards the specific equipment you need to keep moving forward. In addition, how quickly you grow is totally up to you. Building equity in your business is as easy as adding more equipment as your business expands.

Understanding the Industry
The Canadian equipment rental industry is worth $4.04 billion, and growing every day. With so many contractors and small business owners renting on a regular basis and prioritizing convenience, it's the perfect time to get started in equipment rental.

• 32% of small contractors say they rent at least once per month.
• 65% of large contractors say they rent at least once per month.
• 38% of contractors say that lift equipment is there most popular rental.
• 24% of contractors say that digging equipment is there most popular rental.
• 41% of contractors say that convenience is why they choose one rental company over another.

The Perks of Investing With
As a franchise opportunity, offers extreme benefits to potential investors. By providing a stable platform designed to help investors accomplish great things, we are at the forefront of our industry for a reason.

Great Prime Territories Available
Because is a relative new comer to the franchise world, we have great prime territories available today across virtually every province. Of course, this ideal availability isn't guaranteed, so act quickly because they won't last long!

The Best Website In The Rental Industry!
We have spent years and tens of thousands of dollars perfecting our website. You will immediately benefit from this invest we have made. Your franchise fee includes a fully fictional and customized website for your local territories, it will look and function exactly as our corporate site. This will be your number one sales tool.

Two Customer Types doesn't discriminate! We're happy to rent to anyone interested, which generally includes two key parties: contractors and homeowners.

For Franchisees, this dual revenue stream system is a huge advantage. Homeowners love renting from us because we make it easy for them to complete any project they may be doing around their house over the weekend, while contractors love us because we make their everyday jobs easier. Whether it's booking online, free delivery, or our great rates, everyone is pleased with what we can offer.

Group Buying and Discount Programs has negotiated group discounts with the biggest equipment manufacturers in the industry. The more Franchisees in the system, the more equipment we all buy, the bigger the discounts. This opportunity allows new investors to secure equipment right away at a discounted rate, laying the foundation for a successful operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the most ideal franchise candidate?
A. We look for Franchisees that have an interest in improving the lives of their customers with effective equipment, free delivery options and the convenience of full fuel tanks and online reservations. We want Franchisees that have a heart of service and understand the importance of assisting clients with their needs. We use integrity and honesty as our cornerstone for service, and our free delivery is a prime example of this. We are looking for Franchisees that want to meet their customers on a daily basis by delivering the equipment themselves and offering a convenient, affordable, and memorable experience. If you are an individual with management skills and some basic knowledge about construction equipment, we encourage you to get in contact with our franchise team today.

Q. How large is a territory and is it exclusive?
A. Yes, your territory is exclusive to you with no other franchises. Our territories range by population and geography they have an average population of 150,000-300,000 people. You will have exclusive rights to your territory through our website portal, and all customer orders in your area will be automatically directed to your contact information and your website.

Q. What is the range of investment?
The range of investment will depend on a few factors, which primarily include what territory type you choose and how much equipment you will require to service your area effectively. We recommend that our Franchisees lease or finance their equipment over a period of time to reduce their up-front costs. But a general guide is $125,000-$175,000

Q. How long is the initial franchise term?
A. Our initial franchise term is ten years with the option to resign.

Q. Should I do this alone or with a partner?
A. Our concept works best if you are a sole owner that will be working as the Manager of your territory (we want our Franchise Partners to be the "face" of their business). The fact is, by using our streamlined process; you will reap the benefits of simplicity. Our Franchisees will be awarded a manageable territory that can be run effectively by a laptop.

Q. What is the expected level of difficulty and the time requirement?
A. The operation of any business model can be a challenge and a franchise is no exception to the rule. However, you will not have to work in a climate of uncertainty as our processes have been proven and optimized. The typical number of hours required to manage your franchise is initially high at the onset and ultimately varies depending on the level of efficiency and productivity of each individual franchise partner. Also, a high number of hours are expected throughout the busy season, which lasts roughly six to eight months per year when the weather is warm.

Q. What kind of qualifications are you looking for in your Franchisees?
A. We are looking for people with a service background and that are familiar with the different types of equipment we provide. It would be excellent to have sales and management experience, although not necessary, and it is imperative that our Franchisees are technologically savvy and are familiar with equipment maintenance. We require a professional, honest attitude and a friendly approach to service. We also require our Franchisees to have an excellent credit score in order to obtain optimal leasing or financing rates on their rental equipment.

Q. Can I do this from home?
A. Initially, you can do this from home. We provide you with all of the marketing tools to build your brand and our selling strategies are available on our own intranet 24/7, so you will be able to organize deliveries to your clients, attend meetings online, and fulfill your customer's orders from the convenience of a tablet computer or laptop. You will need a small commercial bay to store and maintain your equipment, and, as your business grows, you will likely need to move to a larger bay with at least one office.

Q. Why is a franchise I would want to invest in?
A. Our founder, Chris Clark, has been in various businesses for over a decade and has run a very successful construction company for over 16 years. With his high business acumen and his understanding the importance of a work/life balance, Chris discovered that harnessing technology and applying it to the renting of equipment created effective solutions for his customers. concept has a modern and manageable investment model with many tangible assets, lower than normal depreciation rates, realistic tax deductions by working from home, and generous and exclusive territories that may acquire equity through goodwill.

Q. Do I need to have a physical brick and mortar location?
A. In your first year you will only need a small commercial bay to store and service your equipment. This is one of the main advantages of model: very low overhead costs! If you grow your business to two territories or more, however, we do recommend a larger industrial shop to store your equipment, trucks, and trailers.

Q. Do I have to work in the business?
A. We require that our Franchise Partners dedicate full time hours to running their rental businesses and engage directly with their customers through deliveries and pick-ups. If you have multiple territories, we still require that you participate in some deliveries and pick-ups. You may hire a second or third driver as needed.

Q. Is there an opportunity to acquire more than one territory?
A. Absolutely. In fact, the more the better for you and We are seeking ambitious individuals who are capable of operating multiple territories and growing big with us!

Q. Does provide training?
A. Yes. offers two weeks of hands-on training at our head office in Calgary. We cover everything from operations, general management, administration, and marketing to truck and equipment operations. We also provide ongoing support should something arise.

Our support team starts working with you on your pre-opening task list even before you arrive at training and we continue to help you throughout the opening and ramp of phases of your business. An annual convention and ongoing training events will also keep you in touch with team. You have access to every member of our team, no matter when you need us and how you need us. We understand that our ability to support you has a direct bearing on your success, and thus our success.

Q. What is a Discovery Day, and do you have one?
A. Discovery Day is an important step in the evaluation process in which financially qualified franchise partners are invited to spend a day with our team at our head office in Calgary. During this time, you will meet the entire team and experience the entire Discovery Day experience. We guarantee that you will learn at least one thing that could change your life!

Q. Okay, I'm excited! What are the next steps?
A. To begin, complete the Application form on our website or give our office a call directly at 403-829-9724.

Make Your Move
It's time to make your move with! We know you may be a little nervous, but once you take that first step, you'll be SO glad you did. We look forward to having you on board!

Operating a franchise with is amazingly easy, and so is the path to your very own business. Just complete the Application form on our website or give our office a call directly at 403-829-9724.