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North America's Greenest Junk Removal Service

Franchise Fee: Min. $25,000- $120,000 (.08 x population)

Startup Capital Required: Varies - Preferred pre-approval SBA finance p

Investment Required: $100,000 - $200,00

Available Territories: All of Canada

Training : Initial 1 week

Franchise Units Canada: 6 USA: 100 International: 1

Corporate Units USA: 1

In Business Since : 2005

Franchising Since: 2009

CFA Member Since: 2014

We are the 2nd largest and fastest growing junk removal service in North America. Our rapid growth is fueled by its recycling-based junk removal model and world class customer service. In 2012, the highest ranked customer service organization in North America! Our goal has always been to reinvent the sector by developing a technology driven business management franchise in a traditionally low-tech sector. We are a premier white collar business system in a large, fragmented blue collar industry.

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Junk Works is a white-collar business management franchise in a blue-collar industry with company operations showing sustainable growth. We provide a full- service junk removal and recycling service. The junk removal / recycling industry is in its infancy and has a least a decade of growth ahead of it. We launched our franchise operations in October 2009 and in Canada in 2012, have awarded over 80 new franchises including two U.S. Master licenses, and two Canadian Master licenses. Our model is adaptable as an owner operator model (not working on truck), transitional model from another career, or straight ROI model with general manager in place running day to day.

We provide Item 19 Earnings Claims in our FDD including Junk King LLC, San Mateo, California:
2005(10 months)Gross Revenue $221,370% Growth in Sales

We have a national call center that manages all prospective customer inquiries through a toll-free number. We educate the customer about our services, give an estimate when appropriate, schedule the job, and route the job through our centralized process. We have a proprietary web based platform that enables owners to manage their operations from a smartphone in real-time. We also award the largest territories in the industry (minimum of 250,000 population- average territory size is 750,000).

Truck Economics:
Average revenue: $300 per job
Gross profit margin: 45-55%
Gas: 4%
Labor: 25% (includes worker’s comp)
Dump Fees: 9%
Royalty: 8%
Call Center: 4%
Overhead for a single truck operation: $7,500 - $9,500 per month (some lower)
Biggest overheads include:
Rent $500 - $1,500
Truck $1,000 - $1,400
Auto Insurance $200 - $300
Liability Insurance $150 - $250
Advertising $2,500

Key Advantages:
We are a true advertising model incorporating TV, Direct Mail, Mass Mailings, SEO, PPC, etc. as a consistent part of our business model. Junk Works is not a "work on the truck" franchise. Where our competitors focus on consumer business only we are diversified in our revenue streams:

  1. Business to Consumer; heavy branding/direct response model via an integrated advertising program
  2. Business to Business; realtors, property managers, construction trades, builders, etc.
  3. Business to Government; Federal, State, Local, School Districts, Colleges & Universities.
  4. Recycling; We are the Greenest company in the junk removal industry recycling 60% of all items removed from job sites. Our marketing and branding is “green” driven promoting this fact to consumers. Some of our larger franchises have opened full-scale recycling operations, recycling up to 90% of all items.
  5. Customer Service: Junk Works (part of the Junk King family) is the No. 1 rated customer service brand in North America. We had a 3rd party NPS score of 90%, 93% promoters and 3% detractors, in the 4th quarter of 2015.
  6. Expansion: Junk Works has expanded into the mini bin service, offering driveway friendly self-service mini-bins to our residential customers.

We are seeking: prospects looking to scale a business and manage a P & L versus working in the field.
Locations: Approximately 1,000 to 1,500 square feet of warehouse / light industrial space for recycling component of business model.
Royalties: 8% of gross revenue
Training: One week at corporate HQ
Franchisee Requirements: Business management and marketing experience and understanding the “Advertising Model” portion of our business is critical.


Jeff Byrd: 1 603 438 2653 / jeffreys.byrd@gmail.com
Chris Willison: 1 902 719 6603 / chris.willison@junk-works.ca
Steve Hickson 1-519-781-5865 steve.hickson@junk-works.ca