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Meineke Canada Partnership LP

On with Life

Franchise Fee: $30K

Startup Capital Required: $110K

Investment Required: $200K-$250K

Available Territories: All of Canada, United States, International

Training : 2.5 weeks

Franchise Units Canada: 45 USA: 880 International: 46

Corporate Units USA: 10

In Business Since : 1972

Franchising Since: 1972

CFA Member Since: 2004

If you’re interested in joining a winning team, Meineke Care Centres of Canada should be on the top of your list. We’ve grown to nearly 50 centres in Canada, with continuingly strong sales. The automotive industry is booming and our franchise program is providing opportunities for those looking to improve their lifestyle. With nearly 1,000 centres worldwide, you can be assured that our proven business model offers the best franchise opportunity for you.
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Since 1972, Meineke has become the go-to option for people in need of repair, care, and maintenance for their vehicles. The company has expanded due to its franchise owners. Ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine as the #53 overall best franchise for the year 2015, Meineke Car Care Center is a lucrative investment opportunity for people looking to grow their wealth. Take charge of your career today by choosing a franchise opportunity that will grow with you.

Why Invest in an Established Automotive Franchise?

Our franchise owners choose Meineke because the brand is recognizable and well-established throughout the world. In a recent poll, it was found that over 90% of Americans recognize the Meineke.
The cost of acquiring a customer is lower from an automotive franchise with a well-known name than one that has to establish its own reputation to get customers. Potential franchise owners are drawn to this investment because:
 You are provided with a proven business system.
 You get a competitive edge in the market.
 Your center already has an established image.
 There are special discounts and breaks for military veterans.
 The automotive industry is growing.
 Clear education program comes with the Meineke University training.
 The option you get to be a franchise owner or an owner-operator.
 Account opportunities for the servicing of corporate cars.
 The franchise can grow according to your needs.
 There is financing available to potential franchise owners.
 There is a clearly-defined advertising system and program for store promotion.

Incredible earning potential with the average Meineke showing annual sales of $712,862*.

Meineke Franchise Requires No Automotive Experience
When you feel strongly about a brand, it does not matter if you have experience in the industry or not. We encourage you to take a deeper dive into the Meineke franchise, even if you are not too experienced with automotive work.

The Meineke franchise business model is focused on growth. Many of our franchise owners choose our brand because it is designed for expanding your investment with a clear market territory. If you are ready to take charge of your future, redirect your path today with a new Meineke franchise.

We keep our facts and numbers transparent so you know exactly what your financial situation should be. The initial franchise fee is $30,000. To be considered an eligible candidate, your net worth should be $255,000 or more with liquid assets of $110,000 or more. We can go over the numbers of your start-up costs with you.

From opening your own business to managing the day-to-day accounting of your center, Meineke Car Care Centers provides you with comprehensive training and franchise support for your franchise. We make sure our franchisees are well-equipped for long-term success as partners of Meineke. There is no time like the present to take charge of your future and improve your family’s finances. You don’t need automotive experience to be successful when you get our franchise training.

*Average gross revenue of $712,862 is based on the 2015 average gross revenue for Meineke centers that met the following criteria: (a) opened for more than 2 years as of December 26, 2015; (b) have a 3 star or higher rating, as describe in the FDD; (c) operate 6 bays; and (d) reported gross revenue information. Of those 178 centers, 70 centers (or 39% of the centers that meet the criteria) met or exceeded the gross revenue average. These centers represent 178 of all 646 Meineke centers open for 2 years as of December 26, 2015 and who reported gross revenue information. The average gross revenue of all 646 Meineke centers that were open forat least 2 years as of December 26, 2015 is $616,894. Of these 646 Meineke centers, 266 (41%) met or exceeded the average gross revenues. There is no assurance you will do as well. See Item 19 of our FDD for further details.